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Special $2,500 for 10.1 Acres Ward County, TX

That's less than $300 an acre!


Price: $2,500

Special $2,500 CASH 10.1Acres Ward County, TX

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Featured Item: 10.1 Acres Ward County, TX

Don't miss this opportunity to own this property at $300 an acre. The tax assessed value is $500 an acre. This is such a great deal that we extended this great offer just for you. So hurry and buy it today, before it's too late!

Property Location:

Being a tract of land out of Sec 181,

Blk 34, H&TC Rwy. Co. Survey
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This lot is being offered for sale at a sales price of $2,500, Free and Clear.

Sales Price

This lot is being sold for a cash sales price.

General Warranty Deed. Free and Clear.

and Legal


10.1 Acre Ward County Rural Parcel - No Restrictions on use

Property Location:
Being a tract of land out of Sec 181,
Blk 34, H&TC Rwy. Co. Survey

State Texas County Ward

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Approx. $25 per year


10.1 Acres

Location of Land

Ward County

Together with the nearby Carlsbad Caverns, Guadalupe Mountains National Park is far removed from most other natural attractions of the Southwest. The nearest cities are El Paso (110 miles) or Carlsbad (55 miles). The park contains the southern end of the Guadalupe Mountains, an isolated range surrounded in all directions by desert, and few people visit, due perhaps also to the lack of a central attraction, a scenic drive or named viewpoints. Guadalupe is primarily a park for hiking; there is a network of trails and the region has varied climate zones with differing wildlife and vegetation, interesting geology, and many photographic opportunities. As an added attraction, at the end of summer the red, gold and orange colors of the foliage in some of the canyons creates for a spectacle as good as that in New England.

Experience the large variety of wildlife and beautiful scenery in Texas. Texas is a very diverse state with 262,017 square miles of territory and 624 miles of shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico. Texas' elevation varies from zero to 8,749 feet elevation. The population is close to 20,000,000 people, but Texas only has an average of 76 people per square mile. The rainfall and climate varies greater with the southeast part of Texas being wetter and the northwest being arid. It is approximately 900 miles from one side of Texas to the other at the widest points.

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Ward County is on the southwestern edge of the High Plains region of southwest Texas. The center of the county is at 3132' north latitude and 10307' west longitude, near the community of Pyote. Monahans, the county seat, is in the northeastern corner of Ward County at the intersection of Interstate Highway 20 and Farm Road 18, thirty-three miles southwest of Odessa on the Missouri Pacific Railroad. The area was named for Thomas W. Ward. Ward County covers 539,460 acres, or 836 square miles, of generally level land; elevations range from 2,400 to 2,800 feet above sea level. Large areas in north Ward County are composed of active, windblown sand dunes, subject to wind erosion and sediment transport. This area has scattered oak groves and a number of sections commonly barren except for grasses and nongrassy herbs, the abundance of which depends on rainfall. Along the Pecos River in the south and west are areas of alluvial fans composed of sand, gravel, and mud substrate. Scrub brush and sparse grasses grow in this part of the county. Near the towns of Grandfalls and Royalty are areas of caliche with bedrock and alluvial material in the substrate. Scrub brush, sparse grasses, creosote bush, and cactiqv grow in the shallow, stony soils. Less than 1 percent of Ward County is considered prime farmland. The Pecos River is the only continuous flowing source of surface water in the area; the average annual rainfall is twelve inches. Temperatures in Ward County range from an average low of 29 F in January to an average high of 98 F in July. The average growing season lasts 223 days. The production of petroleum and natural gas are quite important to the economy.

Ward County, TX hosts 836 acres in the high plains of west Texas, is comprised of drifting sand dunes, grass land, and the largest oak forest on earth. The trees live on 40,000 acres in Sandhills State Park, which also boasts 4,000 acres of sand dunes. Towns in Ward County include Grandfalls, Pyote, Wickett and Monahans, the county seat. Temperatures average from 29 degrees in January to 98 degrees in July. The county and surrounding cities have low crime rates, an ample water supply, quality education system, a well maintained infrastructure, a beautiful golf course, and a private airport.

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